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Types of bets



Thanks to this system we can match a game by removing goals or points from the team most likely to win and adding them to the least favourite team. This is mainly used in football and rugby.

handicap asiatico

Asian Handicap

It is very similar to the classic handicap but has certain particularities to take into account as bets with three or more predictions are adjusted to only two possibilities. For example, the 1X2 of football becomes Home +/- No. of goals vs Away +/- No. of goals.

largo plazo

Long term bet

Used when the event lasts for several days.


Live bet

The bettor can change their bet over the course of the match.


Special bet

A bet that is related to the teams facing each other but not to the game itself.


Single bet

The most used and classic. If the person's prediction is correct, they are returned the amount plus the benefits. Otherwise the bookmaker keeps all the money.


Combined bet

Several bets are placed for various sporting events and you have to get them all right in order to win the bet.

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